Friday, November 21, 2014

Can Stress Be Causing Hair Loss??

The answer is YES!!!

Think about it, when you're stressed are you taking care of you as well as you should? In most cases no.  You're not eating well, drinking enough water, taking supplements, sleeping or exercising like you should, because you're too worried about a health issue, family, kids, business, work, finances, a relationship, etc.

These issues, and the fact that everything we ingest, or don't ingest, is realized via our hair, skin (which includes our scalp) & nails, contribute to the wellness, shine, growth rate, length & overall health & look of one's hair. 

So, please be sure to take care of yourself while you're taking care of others to ensure your self-esteem & appearance stay to your liking. Don't let yourself go trying to be superwoman in other areas. It saddens me when women set in my chair and are down about their hair, skin or weight. Let's focus a little more energy on ourselves to avoid having to crash diet, get burnt out exercising or taking unhealthy weight loss pills. When grocery shopping, concentrate on more fruits, veggies, nuts and protein rather than the ice cream, cookies & cake. Pinterest, & the internet in general, are full of delicious recipes you & your family will enjoy.
I guarantee when you change your eating, drinking and resting habits you'll see a vast difference in not only your hair, but your skin, body & energy level. And the awesome thing is all of this will inevitably increase your self-esteem & overall happiness.

So, smile & step into the new you!
Worrying isn't going to change your situation, action will!!

I'm an professional cosmetologist  & owner of D'va Styles Beauty Bar @Salon 360 in Charlotte, NC.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Healthy Hair & Scalp Regimen

So, we discussed the necessity of healthy hair & a healthy scalp yesterday, now let's cover How to go about the cleansing process.
Definitely invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. This can vary person to person, so there's no quick pick that fits for every individual. You'll want to shampoo at least once a week, as stated yesterday. If you're hair is oilier than most, shampoo at least 2 times per week.
Then, if you're natural or relaxed invest in a great natural oil. If hair is super dry, then use a little on the scalp. A bottle with an applicator tip works best to gradually apply oil. Just a bit is needed in palm of hand depending on length and texture.
And, let me talk to my sew-in & braid ladies....I know you want to preserve your style, but please make sure you are cleansing or having a professional cleanse your scalp at least biweekly. A great product to use to properly cleanse the scalp, is a mild astringent such as Sea Breeze, and then begin shampoo process.
I'm a professional cosmetologist at D'va Styles Beauty Bar @ Salon 360 in Charlotte, NC
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Healthy Scalp Maintenance!

Hi ladies & gents!
I want to discuss the importance of keeping our scalps properly cleansed.
Wow, to me this is a serious subject, because I feel like too many of us (mainly women) neglect to do this as often as needed.
I understand as a mom & a professional that time is not always on our side when it comes to finding time to shampoo & condition our hair & scalps.
Let's visit my motto for D'va Styles to put this information into perspective-"Pampering You Inside & Out!".
Now, let's think about that message. The word 'Pampering' sounds luxurious, but can be as simple as a stimulating shampoo & a massaging condition process. My clients love my shampoo, especially after being at home with the kids all day or working across town & fighting traffic. But, even if you can't get to a great salon, you can take matters into your own hands & pamper yourself.

I want to stress, however, that shampooing your hair & scalp is not only a treat but a necessity!!
It's a health & cleanliness issue. Specifically, I'd like to point out the fact that hair loss can result from an unclean, itchy scalp.

I recommend ethnic women, such as African-American women, to shampoo & condition your hair at least once a week. If it's super oily then no more than 2 times is OK, just to make sure you're not drying out the scalp & hair. You want your scalp's own natural oil to coat the scalp. It's much better than weighing hair down & clogging pores with a bunch of product.

During the initial consultation with a client, I'll typically ask what she uses on her hair & either she rattles off some shampoo that's drying to both the scalp & the hair, she's using a shampoo/conditioner combo or she aren't even using a conditioner!
I'm shocked at the number of ladies who are just using anything on their hair & don't actually have a solid haircare regimen.

I'll cover what a healthy haircare regimen is in the next post.

I'm a professional cosmetologist & owner of D'va Styles Beauty Bar @ Salon 360 in Charlotte, NC


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time to Up Your Water In-take!!!

Hair Talk by D'va Styles

So, it's cold again & guess what's thirsty?!?!

Yes, oooooh, that's right, your hair.
Ladies, we must stop thinking as water as an afterthought & begin thinking of it beforehand...before we leave the house, before that workday, before that workout & all through the day.
As a professional stylist, I see flaky scalps often...I'm talking after the best scrubbing & scalp massage they've ever received ;)
And, I often ask them how good are they on their water consumption. They usually say, "Not so good." So, I encourage them to do better (while at the same time secretly encouraging myself to do better).

The fact of the matter is, our hair & our scalp tell a lot about our diet (& medications).  Whenever my clients consciously decide to increase their water intake, we see a significant difference in the hydration of their scalp.

Don't like water? I guarantee there's a brand of water you like, whether it's a store brand at your local market, Fiji, Nestle, Dasani, Voss or one of the many others out there to choose from. You could also do like my significant other does & boil tap water, let it cool, pour into a water pitcher & let chill in the fridge. The other option is to purchase a water filter or purifier to attach to your faucet.

Some nifty ideas about flavoring water have inspired a lot of people to create their own special "brews". You could research some combinations you may like, such as mint, cucumber, strawberries & lemon juice (one I just made up), or maybe just lemon juice with a touch of honey, agave nectar or Splenda to slightly sweeten.

However you decide to go about consuming your H2o for the day, just make sure it's several glasses, cups or bottles!
I'm not going to throw out a particular number, because it varies per individual; but just strive to get in as many as you can & gradually add more. So, let's say this week your goal is 4, next week 5 glasses & so on.

Well, Good Luck ladies (& gents) & before you know it you won't even crave sodas & other beverages!!

"Pampering You Inside & Out!"

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hair Hydration

Whether you're natural, relaxed or transitioning, moisture is such a key element to any hair care regimen.
Now, you ask how do you do this?
Well, it's fairly easy. You simply need water (by shampooing, rinsing or using a spray bottle), a hydrating conditioner (after a shampoo) & a good natural oil.
A nice steam under a dryer with a plastic cap or using a steaming towel over cap as I did with a natural young lady yesterday.

Naturalistas, especially, have the impression that they don't have to regularly moisturize their hair, but as a professional cosmetologist & a mother of natural girls, I keep a spray bottle & natural oil to moisturize their hair Daily.  If I press out my older daughter's hair for dance, for instance, then I'll only use natural oil & brush it through with a clean brush.

Lastly, Do Not neglect to wrap hair at night. Meaning, use a satin bonnet, silk or satin scarf or sleep on silk or satin pillow case to prevent drying out your tresses & causing unnecessary breakage.

I am owner & stylist of D'va Styles Beauty Bar @ Salon 360 located in Charlotte, NC.

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Healthy, Beautiful Hair is the goal.

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