Friday, November 21, 2014

Can Stress Be Causing Hair Loss??

The answer is YES!!!

Think about it, when you're stressed are you taking care of you as well as you should? In most cases no.  You're not eating well, drinking enough water, taking supplements, sleeping or exercising like you should, because you're too worried about a health issue, family, kids, business, work, finances, a relationship, etc.

These issues, and the fact that everything we ingest, or don't ingest, is realized via our hair, skin (which includes our scalp) & nails, contribute to the wellness, shine, growth rate, length & overall health & look of one's hair. 

So, please be sure to take care of yourself while you're taking care of others to ensure your self-esteem & appearance stay to your liking. Don't let yourself go trying to be superwoman in other areas. It saddens me when women set in my chair and are down about their hair, skin or weight. Let's focus a little more energy on ourselves to avoid having to crash diet, get burnt out exercising or taking unhealthy weight loss pills. When grocery shopping, concentrate on more fruits, veggies, nuts and protein rather than the ice cream, cookies & cake. Pinterest, & the internet in general, are full of delicious recipes you & your family will enjoy.
I guarantee when you change your eating, drinking and resting habits you'll see a vast difference in not only your hair, but your skin, body & energy level. And the awesome thing is all of this will inevitably increase your self-esteem & overall happiness.

So, smile & step into the new you!
Worrying isn't going to change your situation, action will!!

I'm an professional cosmetologist  & owner of D'va Styles Beauty Bar @Salon 360 in Charlotte, NC.

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  1. Not with Salon 360 any longer. At a newer establishment in the university area.