Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hair Hydration

Whether you're natural, relaxed or transitioning, moisture is such a key element to any hair care regimen.
Now, you ask how do you do this?
Well, it's fairly easy. You simply need water (by shampooing, rinsing or using a spray bottle), a hydrating conditioner (after a shampoo) & a good natural oil.
A nice steam under a dryer with a plastic cap or using a steaming towel over cap as I did with a natural young lady yesterday.

Naturalistas, especially, have the impression that they don't have to regularly moisturize their hair, but as a professional cosmetologist & a mother of natural girls, I keep a spray bottle & natural oil to moisturize their hair Daily.  If I press out my older daughter's hair for dance, for instance, then I'll only use natural oil & brush it through with a clean brush.

Lastly, Do Not neglect to wrap hair at night. Meaning, use a satin bonnet, silk or satin scarf or sleep on silk or satin pillow case to prevent drying out your tresses & causing unnecessary breakage.

I am owner & stylist of D'va Styles Beauty Bar @ Salon 360 located in Charlotte, NC.

Have hair questions you'd like answered? Ask away, and if I don't have a specific answer, I'll find out from another qualified professional!

Healthy, Beautiful Hair is the goal.

"Pampering You Inside & Out!"

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