Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time to Up Your Water In-take!!!

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So, it's cold again & guess what's thirsty?!?!

Yes, oooooh, that's right, your hair.
Ladies, we must stop thinking as water as an afterthought & begin thinking of it beforehand...before we leave the house, before that workday, before that workout & all through the day.
As a professional stylist, I see flaky scalps often...I'm talking after the best scrubbing & scalp massage they've ever received ;)
And, I often ask them how good are they on their water consumption. They usually say, "Not so good." So, I encourage them to do better (while at the same time secretly encouraging myself to do better).

The fact of the matter is, our hair & our scalp tell a lot about our diet (& medications).  Whenever my clients consciously decide to increase their water intake, we see a significant difference in the hydration of their scalp.

Don't like water? I guarantee there's a brand of water you like, whether it's a store brand at your local market, Fiji, Nestle, Dasani, Voss or one of the many others out there to choose from. You could also do like my significant other does & boil tap water, let it cool, pour into a water pitcher & let chill in the fridge. The other option is to purchase a water filter or purifier to attach to your faucet.

Some nifty ideas about flavoring water have inspired a lot of people to create their own special "brews". You could research some combinations you may like, such as mint, cucumber, strawberries & lemon juice (one I just made up), or maybe just lemon juice with a touch of honey, agave nectar or Splenda to slightly sweeten.

However you decide to go about consuming your H2o for the day, just make sure it's several glasses, cups or bottles!
I'm not going to throw out a particular number, because it varies per individual; but just strive to get in as many as you can & gradually add more. So, let's say this week your goal is 4, next week 5 glasses & so on.

Well, Good Luck ladies (& gents) & before you know it you won't even crave sodas & other beverages!!

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