Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hydration II

Ladies & Gents (& youth), the season is changing & our hair (all textures) can easily become dehydrated, dry & brittle which can cause breakage...mild breakage for some yet more severe for others, unfortunately.

To combat dryness you can refer to 1 of my previous blog posts on Hydration here on Hair Talk by D'va Styles. But, 1 of the main things I hear from clients, other than not drinking enough water, is not moisturizing their tresses.

Now, this is more of a "textured' hair issue more so than  a fine hair problem unless you are experiencing thinning. People constantly tell me during a consultation that they are using oil sheen or a serum on their hair & for some odd reason feel that either of these are suitable {hydration} products for the hair. This is not so. Oil sheen & serums are meant for shine Only. They do not penetrate the hair shaft. I encourage clients to apply their hair moisturizer before bed so the hair has an opportunity to absorb the great properties (ingredients) it has to offer. Then to "seal the deal", tie your hair with a satin or silk scarf or bonnet at night. This will also protect your style or help create a style for the next day, especially if you wrap the hair around your head & train the hair to fall a certain way. You can also do pin curls & take them down in the a.m. for volume, a feathered look or curls if you wear your natural or relaxed hair straight.

I hope this encourages more women to properly hydrate their hair with the proper product. As I don't buy my staple products from a beauty supply store, I am unable to recommend tried & true products to achieve this goal. However, I do retail quality products such as my 100% Natural D'va Styles Hair & Skin Natural Oils & Butter that can be shipped to you if interested along with other brands that will help you retain more hair.
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