Friday, September 23, 2016

Hair Growth

From time-to-time I see ladies who are experiencing thinning at the crown of their heads. This can be attributed to several different reasons such as heredity, stress, excessive tension, medication, medical procedures, nutrition & lack of maintenance.

We, as ladies, tend to allow issues to progress with our bodies & with our hair before we take action. Unfortunately, we oftentimes assume that our hairstylists are miracle workers the 1 day we decide that enough is enough & go to a professional.  Think of your beauty specialist, beautician, hair designer or hair stylist as you would your doctor.  We are licensed cosmetologist trained in hair, skin & nails. Most of us concentrate on hair care; therefore, we should take better heed to the "prescriptions" our professionals are "prescribing" for the health of our scalp & tresses.

Some "prescriptions" your beauty professional may suggest are moisturizers, drinking more water, vitamins, trimming ends, routine shampooing & conditioning, professional shampoo/conditioner, deep conditioners, treatments, less heat at home, protective styles or a break from protective styles to name a few.

So, let's make sure we are taking the health of our scalp & hair seriously, since our scalp (& subsequently our mane's) are apart of our personal hygiene & health. And, while on the subject of hygiene, it's not a good idea to leave protective styles such as sew-ins, quick weaves, braids & crochet braids in for extended amounts of time. Also, keep in mind, that protective styles need to be shampooed on a regular basis & oftentimes I use an antiseptic on the scalp to begin the cleansing process.

Lastly, YouTube is not the end all be all on hair care. Now, there are some very good tutorials online, but let's make sure we are checking with a professional before we are following some of the advice we view. This is especially a good idea since a lot of the videos I've come across online are uploaded by non-professionals. Some of the protective styles are fine, but I'm more concerned with non-professionals "teaching" others to use chemicals in their hair. I do think social media sites can offer great tips to make one's hair routine easier, but let's make sure we are going the proper route & visiting a professional salon. This could make the difference between a head full of beautiful hair & contemplating cutting it all off & starting over.

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